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  • ( PRINCIPAL MESSAGE) Since its inception 2001, the mission of Unique Public School has been commitment to education, which is perceived to be the means for both personal and societal transformation. Its educational service aims at shaping students to be intellectually competent, morally sound, emotionally balanced, physically strong and spiritually imbued with a deep sense of noble values and concern for the less fortunate. The goals of the school are revised periodically in order to keep pace with the winds of change. The school management is committed to creating an atmosphere in which the zest for learning thrives and students are trained not only academically but also to be individuals of convictions and values. The school endeavors to practice a healthy and morally sound life style that liberates the pupils from the forces of evil to reject counter values that threaten human dignity, to root out all manifestation of egoism and grow with the strength of noble virtues to be the light of the world. All programmes are student-centred and provide ample opportunity for the development of leadership and self-assurance. Students are motivated to pursue excellence to the fullest possible so as to develop all the dimensions of their personality. Unique Public School Campus has excellent infrastructural facilities and is always bustling with activity be it academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular or sports. Our students are expected to participate actively and to take advantage of the many opportunities offered, so that they can develop into self-confident, responsible, ethical and compassionate human beings.. (DR. RAJESH SHARMA PRINCIPAL UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL)

  • ( Chairman' Message) Dear Parents Our Motto is “Commitment For Excellence” UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL is a place and stage where the young minds are moulded to shape the country and play a role of responsible citizen. With the abundant blessings of the Almighty and as a result of the dedication, commitment and hard work of our team, the school has been able to successfully progress realizing its goal and vision. Besides academic excellence, the school is committed to inculcate in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. I firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision, making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a lifelong process. In Unique Public School, we help the children to tap their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities and a large number of activities. The broad based liberal education also helps them to rise above parochial mind sets and acquire a truly international outlook and surge the young minds to challenge the challenges of tomorrow. (MR. AJAY KUMAR BHUKAR CHAIRMAN UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL)

  • (MANAGER’S MESSAGE) Dear Parents, It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child into UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL family. When we started UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL, in 2001, the world had already stepped into the 21st Century. Our thoughts and ideas were already impacted with the newness which comes with the start of a new millennium, a new era. Hence it will not be unfair to say that UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL is truly an infant of the 21st Century, just as your child is. Our core educational values have been moulded to meet the challenges of the years ahead. In our view, then our children grow up and enter into adulthood, they must be prepared to face life ahead of them. A lot of the choices we make in our schools’ policies and methods are shaped by the view we hold of the future ahead of us. Let me elaborate what some of these beliefs are: The aim of life is to work whole heartedly and find happiness. The aim of education must be to impact not just the mind of the child but also the heart of the child. We have to therefore work on the entire personality of the child which includes knowledge and emotions. This is the UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL approach to holistic development. Each child learns in their own way and style. We must be patient to allow the child to grasp knowledge in their own way. The child’s natural curiosity has to be preserved and the child’s self esteem has to be carefully nurtured and not harmed through excessive controlling, but instead concentrates on a more child centric approach to development. UNIQUE PUBLIC SCHOOL will remain true to these beliefs .We will interact with teachers, parents and children in an open and authentic way and show great ownership for the tasks we take up. We will take risks and innovate. We will fail once in a while but we will never give up and will do so with complete honesty and commitment to our children. (MR. ANIL KUMAR BHUKAR MANAGER LOK KALYAN SHIKSHA SAMITI CHAMRARA ( PANIPAT)

  • (MESSAGE VICE PRINCIPAL) “On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead…” It gives me an immense sense of happiness and honor to announce that Unique Public School is all set to commence its new session with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to impart quality education to its extra inquisitive learners. For the new session I look forward to incorporating meaningful and modern pedagogic insights rendered by our extremely competent faculty. (MR. SANJAY JANGRA VICE PRINCIPAL)

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